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2013 AMD Mathletics Competition

Mathletics competition is about the application of Math to solve everyday engineering problems. The questions reflect the grades 5 to 8 primary school math curriculum. Our AMD Mathletics competition was held on Saturday November 16 at Sir William Mulock Secondary School. The event started promptly at 1 PM with opening remarks from Mr. I-Cheng Chen, Engineering Fellow at AMD.

2013 Mathletics Competition 2013 Mathletics Competition

90 young and bright students from York Region Primary Schools participated in this year’s competition. They individually solved engineering problems by applying their math skills and providing their numeric and multiple choice answers with wireless clickers. The competition had three parts, Round 1, AMD Challenge and Round 2. AMD Challenge questions were related to Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) technology from AMD. The grand prize included a laptop with an AMD APU processor. There were other prizes for the top three Junior and Senior Level competitors.

2013 Mathletics Competition

AMD and Education Committee team members organized booths with fun and creative activities during the break time. Students participated in a face challenge contest where they made silly faces in front of the PC screen with an avatar that mimic their faces. They also visited the Education Committee booth with information and video about Design Challenge competition that is held during the National Engineering Month at York Region. They won additional prizes by participating in these two activities.

Left to right: Stella Wong (P.Eng., AMD), Andy Dong (AMD Challenge Winner), Thomas Chong (P. Eng., PEO Vice-President), Elmer Ting (P.Eng., AMD)
2013 AMD Mathletics Top 20 York Region Student Rankings
Junior Level Competition Senior Level Competition
Name Rank Name Rank
Kristin Chan 1 Tian Yu 1
Geoffrey Fang 2 Nikolai Peram 2
Rory Gao 3 Vasily Kapustin 3
Chenxi Li 4 Alexandra Mazanko 3
Xiaohan Yan 5 Amirhossein Moghtader 4
Gracie Sun 6 Kamron Zaidi 4
Valerie Fernandes 7 Eric Long 5
Nicholas Perera 8 Rehanna Kanji 6
Alan Wang 9 Natalie Chen 6
Bayan Mehr 9 Aryan Trehan 6
Xiyu (Lucas) Zhang 9 Stephanie Chen 7
Natasha Trehan 9 Yoshan Sasiharan 8
Stefan Dukic 10 Jeffrey Zhang 8
Sarah Mackie 10 Pasha Shavelev 9
Maria Malakhova 10 Aditya Eswar 10
Naomi Chiang 11 Arabella Marasigan 11
Gloria So 11 Amy Xia 12
Annika Yang 11 Kailtyn Hu 12
Jia Rui Fan 11 Alessio Pellegrino 12
Nischay Uppal 12 Alysa Haji 13
Zachary Yungblut 12 Oscar Tsui 13
Ashley Anas 13 Roshan Sasiharan 13
Xiaohui Lin 13 Tulsi Pandya 13
Elizabeth Razzouk 14 Rohan Chaurasia 13
Sinead Azam 15 Ana Alexandru 14
Laia Bent 15 Julia Ana-Elena Zaharia 14
Kuljit Singh 16 Joanna Chen 15
Vivian Oparin 17 Carmel Tzur 15
Ariel Popov 17 Stefanie Boguslavsky 15
Daniel Dai 17 Nicholas Tsilfidis 15
Jake Harris 18 Yuting Wang 16
Tinney Mak 18 Edward Boguslavsky 16
Ethan Jerome Chan 19 Devon Symonds 16
Suvimala (Suvi) Candra 19 Christina Osadchuk 16
Rohan Singh 19 Tinmy Ho 16
Nikhil Trehan 19 Faisal Yusufali 17
Keaton D'Costa 20 Vinothan Suthaharan 17
    Eric YuQiao Wang 17
    Amanda Zhu 18
    Miqdad Khimji 19
    Jade Williams 20
    Emily Anas 20
    Ashley Koid 20

This event is sponsored by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc.

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