The Ins and Outs of Building Permit Review of HVAC

Wednesday, July 9, 7:30pm


Location: London Pub, 9724 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V8

Fee: $15 plus a small Eventbrite processing fee



Except the specific requirements indicated in the building code, the building code also refers to many standards for good engineering practice. This seminar will discuss what a plans examiner normally looks for on the mechanical plans upon building permit plan review, and indicate and explain the common problems found in mechanical systems. These problems are normally found in the design of ventilation system and air distribution system. The coordinating issues also have been found between HVAC services and the architectural design in the areas such as public corridor, corridor used by public, exit and exit-through lobby. Duct insulation requirement sometimes are confusing. Definition of conditioned, semi-conditioned and non-conditioned space is essential. Due to the requirements of energy efficiency in the new code, we have found that checking the energy efficiency design is a necessity. Energy efficiency design has three parts, building envelope, mechanical and electrical. Coordination between different consultants is very important.

Our Speaker is Dan Q. Xu, P.Eng., Mechanical Engineer at Building Permit and Inspection Service of Oshawa. Dan is also an executive of Mechanical Service Advisory Committee (MSAC), member OBOA and ASHRAE, and has ten years of project control experience in China, over eight years consulting engineering experience in Canada, and four years of experience as a Building Code Official.

Dan’s work experience includes food plant design and construction, paper mill design and construction, engine block foundry factory erection, mechanical design of commercial projects, hospitals, office towers, and international hotels. Projects have been in Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, and USA. Dan worked as a mechanical engineer at LKM consulting engineering Ltd, at TMP and at MMM Group in Canada. Presently he works as a mechanical engineer in The City of Oshawa who is in charge of city’s building permit plans review of HVAC.

Starting at 7:00 pm, it is ‘Wings Nite’ at London Pub, buy a beverages and York Chapter will buy you a pound of delicious chicken wings.
Friends and family are welcome; networking is definitely recommended.
*Note: Please drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home