Networking to find a Paid Internship or a Job

Tuesday, January 20, 7:30pm


Location: London Pub, 9724 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V8

Fee: $15 plus a small Eventbrite processing fee



This presentation will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in finding a job, be it full time or as a Intern. When people are in transition they need a strategic and measurable way to move forward. Using leverage as a systematic process works. Statistics show that the process creates visibility that increases credibility that ultimately can be measured in bottom line results. That means a paid internship or a job in the career of your choice. This interactive presentation will help identify your needs, and successfully take the next steps.

Our speaker will discuss:

  • Develop a search strategy
  • Prepare you to ask for advice, moral support or referrals
  • Set specific deadlines, goals, and outcomes
  • Show appreciation to your supporters
  • Deal with rejection
  • Get rid of self doubt
  • Implement a social media strategy
  • Use the process to celebrate success
  • Pay it Forward

speaker-donna-messerDonna Messer is a professional speaker who motivates and inspires her audience. She has addressed thousands on three continents. Her client base includes governments, education, industry, associations, the entertainment sector and not for profit organizations.

She moderated and set a Guinness World Record for “The Most People Attending a Business Speed Networking Event – Single Venue.” Over 4,000 new business connections were made as a result. “Take a human dynamo, add a whirlwind of ideas, a computer filled with contacts, and a dash of ‘Just Do It!’, and you have Donna Messer. In a world where each of us is only separated from what we want by six people, Donna Messer eliminates the middleman. Donna is a former broadcast journalist and the author of more than 4,000 articles published around the world. Her book Effective Networking Strategies is a Canadian best seller.

Donna is social media savvy and knows the importance of international visibility. She’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. She is without question the Queen of Networking. Donna has a systematic process that generates measurable results regardless of your industry or your current status. According to her, “When you Network, you get Work."

Its Wings night! Buy a drink of any sort and the Chapter will buy you a pound of Chicken Wings. Friends and family are also welcome.
*Note: Please drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home

Video: How To Use The Power Of Leverage In Business: Donna Messer | Tea At Taxevity #63